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The Largest Department Stores in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is fun as you can find a plethora of the best department stores in Singapore, both old and new. The oldest departmental shop in Singapore is Robinsons, while the biggest and second-largest departmental shops are Tangs and Metro Centrepoint. Let’s explore these and some more stores further. This article aims to shed some light on their history and their importance to the Singaporean economy.

Robinsons is the oldest departmental shop in Singapore

Before Robinsons, the oldest departmental shop in Singapore was John Little. The shop was opened in 1842 and sold wine, textiles, stationery, clocks, and other items. The shop was later sold to Robinsons in 1955. The Raffles Place store was relocated to larger premises on the opposite side of Raffles Place.

The store featured a hairdressing salon and a variety of merchandise, including silverware, china, and other utensils. The Robinsons cafe was also renovated in the late eighties, bringing the store into the twenty-first century.

Tangs is the largest departmental shop in Singapore

You’ve likely heard of Tangs before. If so, you’ve probably visited the departmental store. Today, it’s the largest departmental shop in Singapore, with an enormous collection of high-quality goods. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, you can visit the cafe within the store for some refreshments. Located on the ground floor, Tangs is easily accessible by car. There is also an express lane on the upper level where you can get directions to the store.

Tangs is one of the oldest departmental shops in Singapore and is still family-owned for the most part. Christian, the Tang family puts a lot of effort into its window displays, including Bible verses. It used to close on Sundays but has since become open every day except for Christmas and Chinese New Year. However, if you’re in Singapore during those holidays, you can shop at Tangs to find a unique gift for your loved one.

Metro Centrepoint is the largest department store in Singapore

With its vast offerings and personalized service, Metro is one of the most iconic brands in Singapore. It provides consumers with exceptional design, quality and value. The store is located in the city’s prime location on Orchard Road.

The store is renowned for its high-end fashion, home decor, and electronics. It is the largest department store in Singapore, and its prestigious location makes it one of the most visited shopping destinations in the city.

The flagship store has one of the largest gifting departments in Asia, and a wide range of international brands. There is also a Metro Kids and Teens department, where children can enjoy fun and educational experiences. It also sells electronics, jewelry, and toys. It is also home to a large variety of home decor and gifts. While shopping at the Metro, it is a must-see place.

Isetan is the second-largest department store in Singapore

Isetan (Singapore) Limited is a retail and wholesale company that operates several department stores in Singapore. The company also has a branch in Hong Kong, which opened in 1973. Isetan has been in the fashion business for more than 40 years. Its flagship store in Singapore was the first Japanese department store in the region. It also has representative offices in several Asian cities.

Isetan began as a drapers shop, and it was not until the 1950s that the company expanded to include specialty stores for women of different sizes. This was a great success and the store expanded its business to include more than just clothing.

Today, Isetan offers a wide range of products including household items, furniture, and food. In addition, it was the first department store in the world to open a department for men. This was a great success and the Men’s Annex has gained immense popularity among male shoppers.

Square is a modern Asian lifestyle store

The latest addition to the city’s shopping scene is the square, Singapore’s largest departmental store. While MUJI first opened in Singapore in 1995, the management has taken its time to expand its product range.

Investing almost double the cost of other outlets, they are betting that Singaporeans will be more interested in Japanese lifestyle products than the usual Western products. The Japanese are more likely to try new items, and the Singaporeans tend to stick with the basics.

Tangs is one of the oldest department stores in Singapore. Founded in 1845, it has transformed over the decades into a modern Asian lifestyle shop. Visitors can find designer labels and locally made clothing in the store’s Beauty Hall.

The store is also home to the island shop, which sells tropical fashion wear and souvenirs. There’s a little something for everyone in this upscale departmental shop, so it’s worth a visit.

The Cheapest Salons in Singapore

cheapest saloon in Singapore

While many people are interested in finding the cheapest salon in Singapore, this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. There are many salons in the city that are well-known for their high-quality services at low prices. These include AUBE Beauty Salon, Zen Beauty, 99 Percent Hair Studio, and Salon Le Point. Depending on the type of service you’re looking for, you can expect to pay between $30 and $300 for a haircut.

Zen Beauty

The Zen Beauty saloon is a one-stop leisure and wellness portal that caters to the needs of female clients only. It offers a variety of beauty treatments and haircuts. You can get your eyebrows plucked or your hair colored here. If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, Zen Beauty can provide you with a fresh cut for just S$10.

Its prices are also among the most affordable in Singapore, with most treatments costing around SGD100. The Zen Beauty salon offers services from haircuts to makeup and nail treatments, and you can also get your nails done here.

Prices are also extremely reasonable, with haircuts costing as low as SGD39. The salon even hosts movie nights with various themes and events. However, it is not the cheapest saloon in Singapore, so you may want to consider visiting another salon instead.

99 Percent Hair Studio

If you’re on a budget, 99 Percent Hair Studio is the cheapest place to get your hair cut and styled in Singapore. They offer a cheap fringe cut for just $9, which includes a complimentary head massage. For an additional S$39, you can get creative color work. The store is also known for its imaginative coloring and creative haircuts. The hair salon also offers a $50 off coupon for first-time customers.

This full-service salon is Japanese in style and offers a high-quality hair service for reasonable prices. They have a large staff of stylists who will work to meet your needs. They also offer free consultations and can accommodate walk-in clients. Another good feature is that they have a satisfaction guarantee for eight days after your visit. You can also check out the website to learn about their special offers and discounts.

Salon Le Point

This saloon is known for its quality hair cuts. They have a team of highly trained hair stylists that will give you a stylish look. They charge a minimal price to provide you with a relaxing experience. The staff is professional and very accommodating. They also offer haircuts, coloring, and scalp treatments. You can get a refreshing trim for under S$10!

The salon is located in Upper Thomson, near the MRT station. The barbers here are passionate about giving you the perfect haircut. The salon also offers trendy hair colors and perms. You can choose between a regular cut or a new treatment package. New customers will want to try out the various packages offered by this salon. The most affordable package will cost you approximately $159, which is a lot less than some of its competitors.

AUBE Beauty Salon

AUBE is a popular Japanese hair salon chain with three branches in Singapore. All the salon’s furniture is imported from Japan to provide an authentic Japanese experience. The salon also offers the popular 5-step Mucota treatment and TOKIO INKARAMI hair and scalp treatment. You can also get an Olaplex top-up if you’re looking to invest in the latest styling products.

This beauty salon is relatively new in Singapore but has a good reputation online. Most reviews are positive, although some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the service. Although there were some scheduling errors and complaints, most customers were happy with their services. The salon has a positive vibe, but it’s best to book an appointment in advance. This way, you’ll avoid any unforeseen delays in receiving your treatment.

CYL Scalp Lab Solutions

CYL Scalp Lab Solutions is a one-stop shop for customized scalp treatments. Its name stands for Create Your Look, and it’s Singapore’s first integrated specialist scalp and hair care center. Its services range from custom-blended formulations to professional hair styling. Customers can even try out Japanese massage techniques for a truly unique scalp treatment. For the best results, book an appointment online to receive customized recommendations from a licensed trichologist.


One of the largest salons in Singapore, Karva is a favorite of Singaporean women, who appreciate the ability to get the latest hairstyles and colors without breaking the bank. The team at Karva comprises highly-trained and motivated hair stylists, scalp consultants, and nail technicians. It uses high-quality European equipment and Coty Professional Beauty products. Karva also serves complimentary tea and coffee, and has a prayer room and play corner for children.

The KARVA salon caters mainly to ladies and even offers services for hijab-wearing women. The services are affordable and the stylists will work to give you a stylish look that will suit your personality and lifestyle. The salon has four outlets island-wide: at the Mandarin Gallery, the East Village, the West Coast, and Northpoint City Mall. There are also several branches in Singapore.


Biotin For Hair Growth

When most people think of alopecia treatment, they tend to focus on medications. The good news is that there are many options that you can use if you are experiencing hair loss.

One method that has been around for centuries is the topical solution. It is often used for hair loss sufferers who do not have good results with medication.

Usually these products are a prescription medication or some type of over the counter supplement. The most common types of topical treatments include minoxidil and retinoids. These can be used in the form of lotions or gels.

The second most popular method for hair loss treatment is diet. There are now a lot of foods that can be made into remedies to combat thinning hair.

Biotin is one of the vitamins that you can use to improve hair growth. This is a good option for those who do not have time to take biotin for hair growth.

Biotin is an amino acid that occurs naturally in many foods. Unfortunately, we do not get enough of this important nutrient in our diets.

Biotin can be taken in many forms such as tablet and capsule supplements. However, many prefer the ease of taking supplements that come in the form of capsules.

One common side effect of biotin is the redness and swelling that some individuals experience in their skin when they are taking the supplement. Another effect of this vitamin is dry skin and hair.

Biotin for hair growth is sometimes combined withMinoxidil which is a medication that can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies. This medication works by blocking DHT, a hormone that may cause hair to fall out.

Minoxidil is available without a prescription and can be bought without a doctor’s consultation. Most people who experience hair loss do not need a prescription to buy this product.

Another type of alopecia treatment is known as Minoxidil combined with vitamin B. This form of treatment is an alternative to the option that combines medication and vitamins.


Before and After Hair Transplant – Where Can I Go to Get the Best Information Available?

Before and after hair transplant, where can I go to get the best information available? The only way to find out is to read my review about hair growth supplements.

“I want to know what it feels like to lose my hair” is the first question that a lot of people ask me. “Do you think it is possible to lose your hair without going bald?” They are very interested in it.

It is possible to lose your hair without going bald but for sure not without losing your hair. You may lose a lot of hair but you do not go bald, yet.

When you start losing your hair because of hair loss, it is always better to consult a doctor because there are other causes of hair loss. He can prescribe medicine or could recommend hair loss treatments.

Some people have certain hair loss disorders that have no relation to genetics. For sure there are medicines that could be prescribed by a doctor to treat this kind of disorder. There are other drugs that can be used by people to help them stop their hair loss.

One type of treatment that has worked for me is using hair growth supplements. I can’t say it is the best treatment but I have been very happy with the results it gave me.

I first started taking hair growth supplements in the end of 2020 and now I don’t lose my hair anymore. So what is the secret behind the hair growth supplements?

I was not familiar with this kind of natural hair growth and I didn’t know about its effectiveness. It was the hair growth supplements that helped me and Igot my confidence back.

Before and after hair transplant, where can I go to get the best information available? The only way to find out is to read my review about hair growth supplements.

When I went online to look for information about hair growth supplements, I realized that there are a lot of information available but not much information on ingredients. This is why I need to write this review about hair growth supplements.

What is really needed is to find the best natural hair growth supplement that will give you better results than other types of hair growth supplements. I used one supplement that has a combination of herbs.

I tried to find the best herbal hair growth supplement but I never found one that can give me good results. This is why I need to write this review to let you know that there is an herbal hair growth supplement that gives great results to me.


Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Men

There are many causes of hair loss in women and men. Read this article to find out how to stop hair loss in women and men.

The reason why women are the ones who lose hair is usually different from that of men. Men tend to lose hair due to hormonal imbalance while women tend to lose their hair due to hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can be caused by a number of factors including pregnancy, birth control pills, birth control pills and improper diet.

If you want to know how to stop hair loss in women and men, you should understand the causes of hair loss in women and men. Let us have a look at the two major causes of hair loss in women and men. Both these causes will be explained in detail below.

Hormonal imbalance: This is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women and men. This is often caused by the imbalance in the female hormone called estrogen, which is responsible for the production of new skin cells, preventing the shedding of old skin cells and for the production of hormones in the body.

When there is an imbalance in the production of these hormones, there is an increased chance of hair loss. This occurs when there is an imbalance in the levels of the female hormone testosterone in the body. The testosterone is responsible for the growth of hair, thus the increase in hair loss when it is out of balance.

When looking at the causes of hair loss in women and men, you will see that the two commonly used treatments are, either the usage of topical lotions containing certain chemicals that help hair follicles to grow and to produce hair, or the application of drugs like Biotin or Vitamin B6. Biotin is known to help in the production of new skin cells and for the production of hormones in the body. As for B vitamin, it helps the body to fight off infections, which leads to the rapid growth of new hair.

Let us have a look at some of the common reasons for hair loss in women and men. There are many more common reasons such as age, family history, illness, and nutritional deficiencies, to name a few.

Age- This may be a common cause of hair loss in women and men, but it is also one of the hardest to treat. Aging is associated with the depletion of the levels of the female hormone estrogen in the body.

Family history- There are many genetic conditions that are linked to hair loss in women and men. Men who are experiencing baldness due to this condition are usually the first in the family to experience hair loss.

Baldness is also a genetic condition which is why it is very hard to treat. There are many people in the world who experience baldness even after having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs that did not work.

Baldness is a skin condition and many times it appears on the face. If you are experiencing hair loss on your head and you still think that you have a genetic problem related to baldness, you should go to a dermatologist so that they can determine if there is any kind of underlying illness that you are suffering from.

Illness- Illness can also be a major cause of hair loss in women and men. It can be due to illnesses such as cancer, infectious diseases, or chronic diseases.