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Causes of Hair Loss And How Hair Transplant Fixes It

As men age, they notice some thinning or change in their hair patterns. Usually, this happens gradually, but it can also occur suddenly or abnormally.

hair loss problem

In some cases, this may be an indication of an underlying medical condition. Hair loss may result in thinning or cause some areas of the scalp to become bald. If your hairline is receding over time, you are not alone.

According to statistics, about 40% of men in their 30s report hair loss due to hereditary factors. The rate increases to 50% by the age of 50 years. Some people may experience hair loss as early as puberty.

About 50 million American men suffer from male pattern baldness. Here are some of the leading causes of hair loss in men and how FUE hair transplant can help:


It’s common knowledge that hair loss runs in families. However, researchers are still investigating the exact role that genetics plays. Many experts have linked male pattern baldness to genes known as androgen receptors (AR). The gene is found in the X chromosome, which males inherit from their mothers.

Usually, pattern hair loss resembles close relatives such as the father who may have passed it on, which is why number 1 hair transplant for hair loss in singapore can help you with your excessive hair fall issues.

Sometimes siblings may have similar hair patterns. Many people believe male pattern hair loss only comes from the mother’s side of the family. However, the truth is, it can be passed along from both sides.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, if there are cases of hair loss from both families, this is suggestive of a person’s predisposition to the condition.

Your Hormones Affect Hair Loss

Testosterone contributes to hair loss in men. The cells in the scalps of men who are genetically disposed of covert the hormones into another one called DHT. Hair grows out of structures known as follicles, which are located underneath the skin. Each follicle contains one strand of hair. Usually, the hair goes through a growth cycle that lasts between two and six years.

If the level of DHT is too high, the hair follicles shrink, and the cycle shortens. As a result, the hair will grow out looking thinner and more brittle. The hormone can also make it longer for the follicles to grow hair when old hair falls out.

Hair Loss And Medical Conditions

Men suffering or recovering from illnesses often experience hair loss. One of the diseases that may result in hair loss in men is lupus. It causes several symptoms that may affect the skin. Medical experts have also revealed that thyroid problems can contribute to hair loss.

Some medications prescribed for various health issues can also increase the chances of experiencing hair loss. The extent of the condition depends on the type of medication and dosage.

Finally, the good news is, the problem can be fixed through an FUE hair transplant. The medical procedure is carried out to add more hair to an area on the head that may be balding or thinning. FUE hair transplant is done by taking some hair from thicker parts of the scalp and grafting it to the affected areas.

Doctors select donor areas depending on the abundance of hair. Usually, the hair is taken from the back of the scalp, where there is a large volume of hair growing naturally. It takes several hours to several days to complete an FUE hair transplant.

Biotin For Hair Growth

When most people think of alopecia treatment, they tend to focus on medications. The good news is that there are many options that you can use if you are experiencing hair loss.

One method that has been around for centuries is the topical solution. It is often used for hair loss sufferers who do not have good results with medication.

Usually these products are a prescription medication or some type of over the counter supplement. The most common types of topical treatments include minoxidil and retinoids. These can be used in the form of lotions or gels.

The second most popular method for hair loss treatment is diet. There are now a lot of foods that can be made into remedies to combat thinning hair.

Biotin is one of the vitamins that you can use to improve hair growth. This is a good option for those who do not have time to take biotin for hair growth.

Biotin is an amino acid that occurs naturally in many foods. Unfortunately, we do not get enough of this important nutrient in our diets.

Biotin can be taken in many forms such as tablet and capsule supplements. However, many prefer the ease of taking supplements that come in the form of capsules.

One common side effect of biotin is the redness and swelling that some individuals experience in their skin when they are taking the supplement. Another effect of this vitamin is dry skin and hair.

Biotin for hair growth is sometimes combined withMinoxidil which is a medication that can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies. This medication works by blocking DHT, a hormone that may cause hair to fall out.

Minoxidil is available without a prescription and can be bought without a doctor’s consultation. Most people who experience hair loss do not need a prescription to buy this product.

Another type of alopecia treatment is known as Minoxidil combined with vitamin B. This form of treatment is an alternative to the option that combines medication and vitamins.


Before and After Hair Transplant – Where Can I Go to Get the Best Information Available?

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“I want to know what it feels like to lose my hair” is the first question that a lot of people ask me. “Do you think it is possible to lose your hair without going bald?” They are very interested in it.

It is possible to lose your hair without going bald but for sure not without losing your hair. You may lose a lot of hair but you do not go bald, yet.

When you start losing your hair because of hair loss, it is always better to consult a doctor because there are other causes of hair loss. He can prescribe medicine or could recommend hair loss treatments.

Some people have certain hair loss disorders that have no relation to genetics. For sure there are medicines that could be prescribed by a doctor to treat this kind of disorder. There are other drugs that can be used by people to help them stop their hair loss.

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Men

There are many causes of hair loss in women and men. Read this article to find out how to stop hair loss in women and men.

The reason why women are the ones who lose hair is usually different from that of men. Men tend to lose hair due to hormonal imbalance while women tend to lose their hair due to hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can be caused by a number of factors including pregnancy, birth control pills, birth control pills and improper diet.

If you want to know how to stop hair loss in women and men, you should understand the causes of hair loss in women and men. Let us have a look at the two major causes of hair loss in women and men. Both these causes will be explained in detail below.

Hormonal imbalance: This is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women and men. This is often caused by the imbalance in the female hormone called estrogen, which is responsible for the production of new skin cells, preventing the shedding of old skin cells and for the production of hormones in the body.

When there is an imbalance in the production of these hormones, there is an increased chance of hair loss. This occurs when there is an imbalance in the levels of the female hormone testosterone in the body. The testosterone is responsible for the growth of hair, thus the increase in hair loss when it is out of balance.

When looking at the causes of hair loss in women and men, you will see that the two commonly used treatments are, either the usage of topical lotions containing certain chemicals that help hair follicles to grow and to produce hair, or the application of drugs like Biotin or Vitamin B6. Biotin is known to help in the production of new skin cells and for the production of hormones in the body. As for B vitamin, it helps the body to fight off infections, which leads to the rapid growth of new hair.

Let us have a look at some of the common reasons for hair loss in women and men. There are many more common reasons such as age, family history, illness, and nutritional deficiencies, to name a few.

Age- This may be a common cause of hair loss in women and men, but it is also one of the hardest to treat. Aging is associated with the depletion of the levels of the female hormone estrogen in the body.

Family history- There are many genetic conditions that are linked to hair loss in women and men. Men who are experiencing baldness due to this condition are usually the first in the family to experience hair loss.

Baldness is also a genetic condition which is why it is very hard to treat. There are many people in the world who experience baldness even after having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs that did not work.

Baldness is a skin condition and many times it appears on the face. If you are experiencing hair loss on your head and you still think that you have a genetic problem related to baldness, you should go to a dermatologist so that they can determine if there is any kind of underlying illness that you are suffering from.

Illness- Illness can also be a major cause of hair loss in women and men. It can be due to illnesses such as cancer, infectious diseases, or chronic diseases.